If you're looking for a way to up your game and change the way you communicate with your customers, you may be thinking that you just need to fill the gaps in your communication technology without scrapping the whole system. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to update parts of your system while keeping some elements the same. The real question is: if you had to build your ideal communication system for the first time today, which technologies would you be most excited about putting to work?


Today's communications systems are relying heavily on the Internet to deliver online customer service. Chat and email-based support allow customers more flexibility in resolving their problems and give you the opportunity to speed up your response times for better results. These online customer service tools also take stress off of your phone systems and operators by prioritizing customer contacts more effectively.


Whether you are working between departments or between multiple office locations, the ability to share customer information across multiple screens can provide a huge boost in your team's ability to resolve issues more accurately. Screen sharing is yet another online customer service tool that encourages better collaboration and communication throughout your organization.


In the past, each additional phone line in your company was a costly investment in and of itself. Today, however, you can have as many phone numbers as you want that can dynamically share the same phone lines. The cost is no more than drops in a bucket when it comes to your total communication system. Direct phone numbers to each team member can reduce the amount of time that customers spend on hold or dealing with a dispatcher or automated system. In addition, it allows customers to contact the same agent regarding their account, so they don't have to cover old ground over and over when resolving a problem. Thus it also increases productivity for team members who are already informed and working steadily toward a resolution.

All of these features are becoming commonplace in the business world. For those who believe they do not currently have any gaps in their communications system, it may be helpful to take a look around and consult with an expert about what other companies in the industry have to offer. You may not realize that they are already offering online customer service, and even though your customers have not voiced a desire for it, they could become interested if they hear about the competitor's upgraded service system. The best way to avoid missing that boat is to assess your system from the ground up by imagining the ideal system for your company using today's standards and seeing how a communications specialist could bring that vision to life for you.


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