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If it is time for you to evaluate your business telecommunication systems and make a few upgrades, you first need a clear plan of action. Communications systems are more complex than they have been in the past, bringing together mobile and networked devices as well as multi-channel support. Your ability to communicate effectively in today's world will require some careful thought and planning with a professional to achieve your goals. ASSESS YOUR NEEDS The whole point of upgrading your business telecommunication system is to make it run more efficiently and effectively than it has in the past. To do this, you need to sit down and conduct a thorough assessment of how your business is currently using your phone systems and where you are struggling. Put together a real list of concerns that need to be addressed, but try not to overshoot. If you load in too many options to your new system, you will be burdened with new inefficiencies. One of the best ways to get an accurate as


There are a number of ways that cloud phone system technology can improve your business operations. Both your employees and your customers will experience a real difference in their ability to communicate when you upgrade your phone system to a more modern cloud based arrangement. MOBILITY Cloud based systems rely on internet connections to carry your phone conversations to mobile phones and desktop IP phones. This means that any network approved device can connect anywhere there is stable internet. Your staff is no longer tied to a specific phone or location because even their phone numbers can be updated as they travel to reflect local area codes. INCREASED ACCESSIBILITY In the past, the end of the business day often meant that customers were unable to reach anyone if they needed help. Voicemail came at a premium cost to most businesses who wanted to give their customers a way to leave a message after hours. The cloud has simplified this process and made it possible to rero


With the advent of cloud phone system technology, there has been much discussion about the pros and cons of cloud compared to traditional on-premise systems. Overall, many companies are switching to cloud-based technology in an effort to save money and improve reliability, but there are still some factors affecting the way cloud phone systems are being implemented today. COST In general, the cost of operating a cloud phone system month to month is less than the cost of on-premise phone systems (in some cases significantly less). This is because cloud-based systems have a set monthly subscription fee that stays level no matter how many calls you are making or where you are calling. This is a huge plus for businesses who have been paying extra for long distance phone calls by the minute. In addition, cloud-based systems are able to leverage a much larger system that supports hundreds of clients, whereas traditional phones required their own land lines and maintenance – a large up