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New area code coming to Alabama

    A new area code is coming that will affect your dialing, and we want to help you master it! On October 12, there will be a new area code, ‘659’, for the West Central portion of Alabama. This will include Butler, Birmingham, Clanton, Hamilton, Jasper, Pell City and Tuscaloosa. Current 205 numbers will not be affected in this change. The area code 659 will only be used for new assigned phone numbers, but both will serve the same region.    When this change occurs, your dialing will be affected; seven digits will not work anymore. Instead, dialing 10 digits will be mandatory because at some point, your seven-digit phone number may be assigned to someone else using the new area code. Dialing only seven digits will prevent your call from going through.   At Slappey we have always had one number that allows you to consistently dial only seven digits, but with this new area code, you will be required to dial 10 digits to reach us. The phones we sell, maintain and support will now also on

Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Testing Your Business Network

Hearing "all of your confidential information is extremely vulnerable, we know this because..." is bad news, but whatever follows the ellipses determines just how bad. Consider two scenarios. "All of your confidential information is extremely vulnerable... we know this because a hacker took all of your customers’ credit card info and locked all of your files behind ransomware." "All of your confidential information is extremely vulnerable...we know this because we did a vulnerability scan of your network, and have some suggestions on how you can improve." 61% percent of small businesses are victimized by cyber attacks each year, and one in five victims do not survive. It is financially worthwhile to make sure that you end up being the person hearing the latter sentence. Scenario 2 describes the statement after you have had a vulnerability test conducted. A vulnerability test is a comprehensive audit of security flaws that a hacker could exploit, an