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When you are trying to improve your communication strategy, it’s important for you to know how your customers would like to communicate. Have you done a survey with your existing customers asking them how they communicate? It may be the help you need to better determine your methods you’ll pursue in creating a remarkable customer service experience. Once you’ve identified what channels to pursue, it’s important to be accessible whenever and however someone needs to reach you. Only having a website isn’t enough. There are so many communication channels available for you to consider. Don’t get hung up on the technology but more on the service. Ask yourself, are we currently connecting with the customer who doesn’t want to give us their contact information? Maybe someone isn’t that far in the buyer’s journey and they need more information before scheduling a demo. Continue to do market research on your buyers and look at how they interact and be innovative. Stay ahead of the curve


It’s crucial for you to consider how your customers communicate and create solutions that are customizable to them. If your target audience is heavy on Pinterest, then consider creating Pinterest boards that cater to their interests. LiveChat may be another. When’s the last time you answered a cold call on your lunch break? It’s becoming less and less effective. More people are inclined to message a business rather than answer an unknown number. Do you pay attention to your Google, Facebook, or YELP reviews? We are living in an economy where user-generated content dictates buying behaviors. To improve customer satisfaction, you need to be able to address both ends of the experience, good and bad. The power of referrals is stronger than ever because consumers are making decisions on your products and services without even talking to one of your reps. Make it your goal to create Raving Fans and not detractors because those detractors will go out of their way to make it known to not