Finding the right business telecommunication equipment to update your business will depend greatly on the type of business you are running and the way your phones will be used. To take advantage of the best available technology for any scenario, you should consider contacting a phone system consultant who will help you assess your needs based on a wide range of metrics.


The first step in deciding what kind of business telecommunication system to buy is determining the scale of your operation. You can approach this in two ways. First, a simple headcount of the number of employees in your company will tell you how many potential lines you need. However, if your company operates in shifts where more than one person shares their desk or phone equipment, it might be more helpful to break your headcount into groups by shift and department for a more accurate view of your business.


Now that you have a list of departments and people who will be using your business telecommunication system, it is time to look a little deeper at how they will be using it. More than likely, you will have a department of people who are on the phones 100% of the time answering customer service calls. Meanwhile, employees on the warehouse floor or out in service vehicles probably only use their phones intermittently. Assess each department individually to determine which features are most needed for them, and you will find that your wish list might change from one group to the next. You can even identify advanced users from basic users, and mobile team members versus office members, so you can get the right mix of technology to the right people.


Another important measurement to take is the number and type of incoming calls you get each day. If your customer service team is fielding calls constantly, and you often have a queue of calls waiting, it is obvious that you will want headsets and routing technology that will improve your call times. In addition to the number of calls you take, the type of calls you are taking is also important. Customers often leave reviews of your company after they have been forced to make a service call for any reason. Those reviews or post-call surveys can be a useful tool for you to learn what the customer really needs out of your phone system as well. If many callers are asking for chat support, your consultant can help you determine whether or not it is a viable option.

A knowledgeable business telecommunication consultant can help you walk through an assessment step by step. At the most basic level, the quantity of connections you need is a good place to start, but by breaking things down further, you can learn more about your needs and get the best possible solution custom fit for your organization.


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