I WILL HAVE FUN. I will use creativity to make the work we do fun and interesting. I will use fun to help others learn more, be more productive, and live healthier lives. I will not take myself too seriously; instead, I will smile and promote an abundant life.


A litmus test is a quick indicator that gives you insight into a situation, and having fun is one of the most important litmus tests that we have. It tells us if we are operating in confidence or out of fear. It is impossible to have fun and live in fear at the same time.

The beautiful thing is that fear is a choice. It is not driven by our circumstances, but rather by the perspective we choose to have about our circumstances (which is why many billionaires are miserable and people in African tribes can be happy). It means that our priorities are in order and we are enjoying what we are doing.

In the spring of 1996 I was faced with the choice between fear and fun. I was up to bat in the last inning and the score was tied 8 to 8. The first two pitches, I choose fear. I feared missing the pitch; I feared grounding out; I feared looking stupid in front of my friends. I watched as two decent pitches flew by me.

Somewhere between the second and third pitch, I made a choice.

I chose to stop worrying about the potential bad options and instead made the conscious decision to enjoy the game and try my best despite what happened. On the third pitch I swung and made an awful hit. To my luck, the second basement missed the ball and we won the game, but I will never forget that bridge that I crossed. Even if we had lost the game, I would have gone home knowing I did my best and had fun. I'm glad I chose fun over fear.

A baseball game, although a huge deal for a 10-year-old, is minor compared to what many of us deal with each day. But when we are able to trust God has things under control, it is amazing how much fun we can have.

If you are struggling with having fun, that's okay—use that indicator as an opportunity to adjust your perspective. Perhaps talking with someone else may help you readjust back to a healthy state. If you are having fun, stay aware of those around you who are not and find ways to share your joy with them.


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