Office phone systems have changed a lot in the last few years. Fortunately, the majority of these changes take advantage of technology that you are already using day in and day out. For the most part, new office phone systems combine all of this technology to provide you with a more comprehensive customer service solution. Here are a few great ways you can upgrade your phone system today:


Your employees are probably already carrying smartphones with them every single day of the week. If your company has a large number of field employees, you may have already purchased phones for all of them. Today's office phone systems extend beyond your desktop phone banks and connect all of those mobile devices to your network. This means that phones can be answered no matter where your employees are.


Moving to a VoIP-type phone system is typically seen as a way to improve connectivity and call reliability by providing alternative connection methods. It allows your team members to log into the network from any location with a stable Internet connection. This way, you don't lose precious time with the customer, no matter where you are in the field or between offices.


Customer Relationship Management software is a rapidly growing industry. CRM software allows your computer to recognize phone numbers, identify associated account numbers, and bring up customer transaction histories instantly. This helps reduce the amount of time each customer spends on the phone by automating the account access process and simplifying troubleshooting.


In addition to offering more complete office phone systems, many service providers also want to help you reach customers through other avenues. This means adding things like video and chat to your phone system. As a result, it's possible for any of your customer service representatives to handle customers in a way that works for them. We already spend so much time texting from our phones each day that adding text and chat support is a natural extension of your current phone system.

These are four of the best ways any business can add more functionality to their office phone systems while streamlining their ability to get through calls faster. Depending on the equipment you already have in place, you may be able to carry much of your hardware into your upgraded system and make only a few small investments in new software or computers to handle the additional features of your phone system.


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